Welcome to the DBS Hosted Application Server.

If you have arrived on this page you are probably looking for one of the following sites which are hosted on this server:

Web Sites

DBS Business Systems Web Site www.dbsys.co.nz

CF2SAP (ColdFusion to SAP) www.cf2sap.com

YourSchool.co.nz www.yourschool.co.nz

Business Portals

Youschool.co.nz Admin Site admin.yourschool.co.nz

DBS Business Systems Admin Site shared.dbsys.co.nz/dbsapps

Prestige Job Tracking System Test Site shared.dbsys.co.nz/prestige

Ontoit Trade Services shared.dbsys.co.nz/on2it_trade_services

Koolfoam shared.dbsys.co.nz/koolfoam